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Making the Tough Call for the Long Haul.

"You have to lose the battle to win the war." You guys have heard that phrase, right? It reminds me of something they'd say on Suits (and probably have...) or a drama from the middle ages where strategy weaves into a lifechanging choice.

Through my writing career, I've learned the saying is true. Whether it's delaying the release of a book to polish it until it shines.

Whether it's holding back on writing because I need to focus on my day job.

Whether I balance or topple.

We all make those choices every day--the ones that have no satisfaction and hit your confidence now, because down the road they'll yield dividends.

In late October, I had my (now former) publisher revert the rights to The Rearranged Life.

When you publish a book, you sign over your rights to your writing--the publisher has the rights to put the words in the world. As you can imagine, reverting them takes those rights back and gives them to you again.

What does that mean for The Rearranged Life? For's not out in the world anymore. Congratulations--if you have a paperback, then you now have a limited edition! :)

It's a long story about why I made that call. It's frustrating and exhausting now to think about the future. The Rearranged Life might need a new home--whether that's finding another traditional publisher (hard, because most don't want to touch a book that's been fiddled with by another company) or whether that involves me self-publishing it, there's uncertainty around my first book baby and where she'll go.

I made the right choice. I am still a writer. My upcoming series, The Chai Masala Club, is still coming out in the next year, and I'm still working on more manuscripts to be printed through major publishers.

But my decision is still less gratifying. It is a disappointing one that gives no fulfillment for now. Right now, I feel unpublished and sometimes, unsuccessful. But the truth is, this is a move made to protect a career that will be years long...far beyond this feeling in 2018.

Saying I've lost this battle is not accurate. It's more like an unsatisfactory ceasefire when you're itching for action. But patience pays...and for now, to survive in this industry and to remain productive, I'll focus to the future when I'll win the fight.