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5 Essentials for Surviving Your Day (What's in my Bag?)

"A woman's heart is an ocean of secrets." Thank you, Rose from Titanic, you're 100% correct--and like a woman's heart, her bag is key to how she rules the world during a hectic day. Here are some ideas for those crazed days where you're sprinting around and your bag holds your entire life...

1. The Pinch Provisions Mini-mergency Kit

This is a gamechanger. In a tiny kit the size of your palm fits 17--count them, 17!--essentials from a mending kit, to a teeny hair spray, to earring backs...It is astounding and so necessary to have these things when you're in a bind and this kit has saved my butt on numerous occasions from when my tights ripped (hello, clear nail polish!) to fixing a wardrobe malfunction (double-sided tape, anyone?)

2. A Power Bank (mine is a Dulla!)

Does anyone else find themselves on the run and unable to pause to find a power outlet? All. The. Time. In that case, carrying a phone charger just isn't going to fly. In comes the power bank to save your butt! While weights and charges vary, my charger has FIVE FULL CHARGES for my phone. It's a little heavy, but it's served on weekend trips and long car rides beautifully. Worth every cent!

3. First Aid Beauty Cream

I cannot recommend this cream any more highly. All my life, I've struggled with eczema and skin that bursts out in rashes--the use of this cream eliminated any use for cortisone to tame the irritation. I always carry a little tube in my bag to banish dry elbows, add a little moisture to my face or pamper myself with some unscented goodness.

4. BareMinerals GEN NUDE Matte Liquid Lipcolor in Scandal

The best part about this lipcolor isn't the chocolatey flavor--it's the range of nude colors available. This is one of my essentials to turn to when I have no makeup on and suddenly have to run somewhere or meet someone--the dramatic nude of Scandal adds some color to my face and makes me feel put together.

5. A fragrance rollerball

I cannot count the number of times I've either sweat more than expected or met friends right after we've all come from the gym--a huge protector against being the smelly girl on the train is having a fragrance rollerball of your choice at your behest! It's a lifechanger when you can splash on a scent you love and go about your day like you didn't just take an hourlong spin class.

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