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Halloween Your Classroom...or office...or anywhere!

This post is for all of you who have a cubicle, classroom, foyer or space that you LOVE to decorate for Halloween! As many of you know, in my former life, I was a preschool teacher. I was also a three-time champion of Best Classroom (clearly, the best award I've ever earned) in schoolwide competitions between classrooms. Here are some fun tips to decorate your space and make it scream with fun!

1. Choose a theme that relates to the people coming by. Do you work with people who grew up in the 90's? Salute Your Shorts, Doug, Rugrats, Saved By The Bell...all of those ring a bell? Do you work with preschoolers? What are the kids obsessed with? Mine were all about Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so when my assistant teacher suggested it, we got on board. Choose a theme for them, not you.

2. Focus on the WOW factor, not the tiny details. Remember, parents walking by a classroom or supervisors judging, or simply trick or treaters won't have the chance to check out the small hand-painted figurines you painstakingly placed in a corner, of the scene from that show you like. You need a BAM factor that captures their attention...and then some fun medium-sized accents. It takes a little time--but not a whole lot of crazy effort. When we did Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, we used tableclothes ($1 a piece at the dollar store!) and draped them from the ceiling.

3. Have fun and become a part of the theme! When we did an Enchanted Forest theme, we went as fairies. Harry Potter--we wore house hoodies (the most comfortable day, ever!). Mickey Mouse Club--Mickey Mouse tees and ears. One of my favorite outfits was recycling my old prom dress when I went as Glinda the Good Witch!

4. Make others a part of it. For our Enchanted Forest theme, we created handprint castles.

For Harry Potter, the handprints created owls--which was then turned into an Owlery. If you have a cubicle, use pictures of your officemates as part of the theme--or create a scene in your foyer, take an instant photo of the trick or treaters in front of it, and hand the photo to their parents so they have a record of the fun theme!

Holidays make our memories stronger--and every Halloween that rolls around brings these back to the forefront! I hope they create some inspiration for next year and y'all collect a whole lot of candy tonight! Happy Halloween!