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5 Unique Ways to Bond with Your Squad

Thanks to Taylor Swift's posse, #squadgoals have become a thing. And rightfully so! Women should stick together. After all, we go through our highs and lows, relationships, breakups, marriages, childbirths (if we choose to have them, because let's be's not for everyone!), career peaks, transformations...Ladies. We do it all. Relentlessly. Powerfully. Not always gracefully, but always together.

One of the things I love most about the lionesses in my pride are how well we know each other. I know Liz loves penguins more than any other animal. Melissa loves Harry Potter probably more than JK Rowling. Sarah can remember a name and a face if she's seen them once for approximately .34 seconds. But...your circle of girls--whether they are family members or friends who have become family--are your bonds that transcend distance, time and the petty arguments. They are more than the women you go to spa days with and whose homes you seek refuge in during difficulties.

It's worth getting to know them even better--so here are five unique ways to do that!

1) TableTopics. Have you seen these on Amazon? I only have the Road Trip version, but there are multiple decks of different types like Girls Night, Not Your Mother's Dinner Party and more. Pick a card and ask your girls to answer. It'll prompt conversations that you didn't expect, like, "Where would you like to take a hot air balloon ride?" If TableTopics are too G-rated, then Hot Seat, Never Have I Ever (card game style...which, on a side note, I got beaten on by a 60 year old), or Conversation Cards. They're a little less innocent but a lot more fun!

2) Have a sleepover. Yeah, I said it. I'm talking an eighth grade style, pizza boxes on the floor, sleeping in sleeping bags, watching 13 Going On 30 style all-night girls party. Why? It'll bring you back to your childhood days when whispered secrets were the thing to do, keep everyone comfortable in a home and in pajamas (no complaints there!) and allow the ladies to open up.

3) Send letters. I constantly rediscover old notes from high school in boxes. Now, I don't remember some of the guys we talked about or even the drama we discussed, but I can say this: there was so much fun in the practice of writing it all down! Even now, as notes in history class turn into handwritten, heartfelt messages in birthday cards, they make us weepy...letters have the same effect--but doing them for no reason, just because, adds an element of surprise and special to a completely mundane day and it'll make your girls' day to receive one!

4) Have a photo shoot. I remember once sophomore year, my best friend Liz and I put on our prom dresses, did our makeup and went to the park back home in State College. Yes, this is a fun glimpse of me circa age 18--but it was so much fun to pose, be silly, and see your best friend's photography talents come to light as you model the hell out of your favorite outfits. Add a little glamour to your day and get out there, girls!

5) Get crafty. When I was an RA in college, I used to do these pottery painting nights at the end of exam weeks. There was a place at Penn State called 2000 Degrees, where you'd glaze greenware in hundreds of colors, and they'd fire it up for you and you'd end up with beautifully painted ceramics. Sip and Paint nights, or cooking classes are an amazing way to get creative juices flowing--and laughter flowing if you end up being terrible at it! Wine events too expensive? Have girls chip in for a set of 7 canvasses from Michaels for $20 and a $5 acrylic paint set and go to town! Put a twist on it--everyone sit in a circle and paint something for the person next to'll add a fun element of getting to know everyone's tastes for artwork!

Did you try one of these? Let me know how it turned out! I can't wait to hear from you all!



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