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Dear Reader...Love, Annika

Hellloooooo! A virtual hug to you, friend! Some of you have followed me through the last four years as an author. Others are newly joining our journey together as I move to lifestyle blogging and sharing what has driven me: sheer inspiration and the hope that I can spread it like wildfire to anyone who needs a pick-me-up.

So...hi! I'm Annika Sharma. You'll learn a lot about me from this blog--probably more than you'd like to. I live in New York City with my brother a.k.a. my favorite person in the whole world. The most eloquent response I give when people ask me what I do is, "Uhhh..." but for your sake, let's translate.

I'm a proud, bleed-blue-and-white, family legacy, you-bet-your-butt-I-watch-football Penn State girl. I graduated with two health science degrees. I was working at a preschool (a stop on the way to what I thought would be a women's health/pediatric career!) when I got recruited into a M.Ed program instead. I also wrote a book while I was in graduate school about an Indian girl falling in love with an American boy (no, not autobiographical, though there are definitely some fun similarities!). Then I worked in early education while I got an agent, got a book deal, wrote my second book and landed another book deal. About a year ago, I missed healthcare. A lot. I quit my teacher job, and decided to earn my MPH.

So...what do I do?

I'm a published author, preparing for the release of the first in my new three-book series while finishing up my MPH. Now, I also run a lifestyle blog. And as any adventure-seeker will tell you, you have to be ready for the unexpected twists life has to offer so while I am building a health career and a writing one, you never know what roads will open up.

If life has taught me anything over the last 7 years since my college graduation (wait, really? 7 years?), it is this: a passion-filled, purpose-driven life happens when something calls to your heart so spectacularly, you cannot ignore it. My author career was the beginning. I realized I never wanted to spend another day waking up and feeling down about what I do (although everyone feels tired once in a while--have you MET a Monday morning?). I wanted to pop out of bed, excited for a long day of work and feel addicted to my life. I wanted to breathe it in, soak in building myself to be better, and love the hell out of everything.

That's what I'm doing now. I love optimism, thoughtfulness, travel, dance, photography, learning All The Things, FOOD, new experiences, my Indian-American culture and going on that's what I'm going to do! I hope you'll join me. I can't wait to go on this journey with you.



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