pronunciation guide

The idea of a pronunciation guide was a fantastic one! Thank you to author Kate L. Mary for suggesting it. With all the Indian traditions come some complicated names. I hope this guide helps you with being able to say them!


  • Nithya: rhymes with "with ya"
    ​     Ni--as in nickel
         Th--as in apathy
         Ya--as in yarn

  • Anisha
         A--as in uh- in unbelievable
         Ni--as in knee
         Sha--as in shard

  • Nishanth
         Ni--as in nickel
         Sha--as in shard
         Nth--as in month

  • Indrani
         In--as in in
         Dra--as in the but with an r in the middle
         Ni--as in knee

  • Venkata
         Ven--as in Venn Diagram
         Kat--as in cut
         A--as ​in uh- in unbelievable

  • Priya
         Pri--as in pre-k
         Ya--as in yarn

  • Aditya
         A--as in all
         Ditya--rhymes with "with ya"
         Just like Nithya!

  • Madhu
         Ma--as in mull
         Dhu--same sound as the beginning of thee but thoo