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In My Own Words

If you're looking for my formal bio and

media information, you can find those here.

Words are like magic. I love the power you can wield, the change you can make, and the lives you can better by building stories, offering solidarity, and breathing new life into worn souls. It's my hope that I can convey warmth, compassion, and authentic connection in every interaction I have. But before we get to that, it's probably important I introduce myself...

Hi! I'm Annika. I live in New York City, and as you can tell, I love telling stories.

Part scientist and part creative, I'm a full-fledged nerd - I graduated with two B.S. degrees in Biobehavioral Health and Neuropsychology from Penn State. I also have an M.Ed from Penn State in Early Childhood Special Education and an MPH in Maternal and Child Health. I freelance write about health particularly sexual, reproductive, and women's health - because equity, human rights, and healthcare are important to me.

All the childhood daydreaming and conversations with imaginary friends paid off when I became an author. I landed my agent, Stacey Donaghy of Donaghy Literary Group, in 2014. My first book, a romance/women's fiction novel, came out in 2015. It was called The Rearranged Life. Now, I have a three-book deal for a romcom series called The Chai Masala Club focused on a fictional group of friends and their travails in love. Love, Chai, and Other Four-Letter Words released in September 2021, and Sugar, Spice, and Can't Play Nice releases on May 2, 2023.


I talk a lot - so when my best friend suggested I start a podcast, it seemed like the right step. Alongside my superstar teammates, Nehal and Sri, I'm a founding co-host of a podcast called That Desi Spark (formerly known as The Woke Desi) a venture aimed at South Asians where we discuss issues surrounding our multicultural experiences that are only whispered about in our communities. We launched in 2019 - and we're over 100 episodes in, we're a top 2.5% podcast globally, and it's been a wild ride.


I can't wait to expand out and create more projects that show the world as it truly is: colorful, different, nuanced, and beautiful...but until then, I have the million other things I love. I'm a voracious reader (surprise!). Talk to me about history, all things British, women's health and empowerment, social justice, food, travel, photography, and Bollywood, and we'll be best friends!


You can check out media coverage here (and you'll find my press kit here, too!). As always, reach out with any comments, questions, or anything else...I can't wait to hear from you.​

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