December 20, 2017

Hi everyone! I promise, I haven't forgotten about this blog or posting. In a sweep of exams, holidays, final exams, and--as the subject of the blog--travel, I had to adjust some priorities and put my favorite ones on the backburner.

I was in Edinburgh, Scotland, for a long weekend and I just returned yesterday. Scotland, oh Scotland, you have staggered me with your greenery in the dead of winter, your mountainous terrain, the cliffs that reminded me only God himself could have created such beautiful landscapes, and a history so rich with a future so friendly. 

I flew to Edinburgh on a red-eye from New York City to see S on Thursday night. Note to self: red eye flights don't do it for me and I can't sleep well. But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise! Why? The Geminid meteor shower was in full force--and I cannot describe the beauty of looking out a plane window (perpetual window seat requestor right here!) and seeing a sky full of stars, some of which would fall at random interval...

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