October 13, 2017

Thanks to Taylor Swift's posse, #squadgoals have become a thing. And rightfully so! Women should stick together. After all, we go through our highs and lows, relationships, breakups, marriages, childbirths (if we choose to have them, because let's be real...it's not for everyone!), career peaks, transformations...Ladies. We do it all. Relentlessly. Powerfully. Not always gracefully, but always together.

One of the things I love most about the lionesses in my pride are how well we know each other. I know Liz loves penguins more than any other animal. Melissa loves Harry Potter probably more than JK Rowling. Sarah can remember a name and a face if she's seen them once for approximately .34 seconds. But...your circle of girls--whether they are family members or friends who have become family--are your bonds that transcend distance, time and the petty arguments. They are more than the women you go to spa days with and whose homes you seek refuge in during difficulties.

It's worth getting to...

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