June 20, 2019

When we first discussed putting this breakups episode together--and I can't remember whose idea it was but I know it wasn't mine--I was a little nervous...Outside of funny dating disaster stories like the infamous Tickle Monster, my love life tends to be on lock. No social media posts about him. No public declarations that we're together. I even select my poetry to avoid matching how I feel that day so that people can't assume my posts are reflective of life...how was I supposed to open up about things I keep to myself?

Episode 5 dealt with cheating, breakups, social media, and how you can get over a breakup. Is it possible to be friends with an ex? Should we? What about if there are no feelings leftover?

It turned out to be one of my favorite episodes.

Namely, because none of us agreed on a thing. 

We talked a lot about healing...how breakups can be interruptors of life on a seismic level, and how it can be tough to rebuild after a devastating blow like that. It occurred to me after...

June 18, 2019

It's the wee hours of the morning as I write this. The rain is pouring and the sound is so soothing against these New York City streets. My morning cup of coffee feels like a hug.

I wish I could say it's surprising that I haven't written in two months but truthfully...it's not surprising at all. Not only has time been flying, but I've barely caught my breath.

  • I saw a bunch of concerts and movies--each and every one was great. Avengers End Game and Aladdin were probably my favorites.

  • Florida kayaking was extraordinary.

  • There were a couple long weekends with S. One surprise night included a Hasan Minhaj live taping of Patriot Act! You can see us on the Sudan episode a few times, laughing at his ridiculousness. Such an interesting experience...and such a humbling topic. I've been researching ways to help the Sudanese people since.

  • We took a whirlwind 6 day trip to India to celebrate my grandfather's 90th birthday. He and I have a weekly phone date so it mean...

April 5, 2019

A couple months ago, it had been a particularly crappy day, and my favorite fella, R, came by to check on me. Sitting on my couch with our legs side by side, he watched as I tried to tame my wildly curly hair, fresh out of the shower that was supposed to calm me but didn't, and listened as I fumbled through tears about why I was having such a hard time.

"What's your love language?" he asked, out of the blue.

"My what now?" 

"Your love language."

I'd heard about the five love languages from that book (of course) on the charts recently, written by Gary Chapman. But I hadn't considered mine too much.

Love languages are the idea that every person gives and takes love in five groups of ways (languages). By learning your spouse/significant other's, your friends' or even your child's love language, you're able to express yourself in a way they understand so there are less misunderstandings and better transformations ahead for your relationship. You can also recognize which love languages you appre...

February 7, 2019

I've been putting off this blog because I've been so lazy (with the blog--not life...upcoming projects TBA!), but today, as I daydreamed on a slow day at work, I figured it was time to tell you about my trip to Paris.

Our family owns timeshares at Marriott, and we try to take a week a year. We can trade in our week at our Florida location for a week at any other available spot in the world, and we always talk about doing it...but my dad is a professor on an academic semester schedule, my mom works year round, my brother is a hedge fund trader who has to man his team and select his holidays so he's covered and I recently started a new job and didn't have any vacation time because of my probationary period.

Miraculously, we all were able to take off a week before Christmas holidays. My mom suggested trading in our Florida week for Phoenix...which I would go to in January, so I vetoed that. A few other ideas were bounced around until I insisted we go international. Our options were Spain an...

October 4, 2018

Ladies (and gents)...you know exactly what I'm talking about when I say everyone has had a heartbreak legend will be written about. Tell me you didn't think of that one guy/girl who shattered you. The opportunity that passed you by. The road not taken.

The one you thought of even more when you tried to drink it away (and possibly drunk texted. No judgment.)

The one you tearfully told your friends, your parents, your cousins, your hair stylist, the neighbor, the mailman and the sweet retail girl at Express--who was just trying to help you choose a pair of revenge jeans--about.

The one you wrote pages of anger about (and possibly to) so s/he could know exactly what s/he did wrong and could take responsibility (Rachel Green, I FEEL YOU GIRL!).

Jokes aside, it's a garbage place to be. I mean...dating is hard enough nowadays. Call me a dinosaur if you want, but dating apps have a lot to do with it. It's easy in a world of instant gratification to swipe left or right and decide in a millisecond...

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