October 24, 2017

Hi! Oh. My. Goodness. Friends, I am in 

desperate need of a massage and a cell-phone free day in a tropical place! On days where your brain is seeping out of your ears, I find a few different things help me survive. The best part? None of them involving you revamping your entire routine tomorrow. They're all things you can ease into.

1) Invest in a manual, old fashioned alarm clock. I know. It's revolutionary. BUT hear me out! It let me put my phone on my desk at night, away from me. And y'all, this little purchase has changed the game. While I am no longer waking up to high tech alarm sounds, I pop out of bed, get my day started with my morning routine and coffee, before I ever make it to my phone. Allowing that half hour to myself lets me ease into the day, gather my thoughts about what needs to be done, and put my game-face on before I ever hit the flurry of text messages or emails that have collected overnight.

2) Wake up early. Oh, you night owls and lovers of sleeping in are probabl...

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