April 19, 2018

There are incredible women out there, including you, dreamchaser, who are hustling hard toward their dreams and busting their bottoms to change the world. As I thought more about how to support these women and network with other go-getters out there, I realized that there are stories behind these women that propel them toward their ambitions...and how better to get to know those stories than to ask?

Now, I have the privilege of introducing Karusha Pather, a body-positivity advocate and absolutely GORGEOUS model in South Africa. Not only does this girl go to school and kick ass there, she is also the head of a campaign to integrate more South Asian women into their respective industries . Representation matters, and Karusha is the perfect example of what brains, beauty and boldness look like!

Follow her on Instagram: @Karushapather

And her blog: kaykorner.wixsite.com/thekorner/

And support Crown the Brown: @crownthebrown on Instagram

Guys, seriously...this girl. Superwoman. I was so impresse...

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