February 13, 2019

Note from 2019: This is a re-used post from last year but I loved writing it so much then that I decided to bring it back. :)

Confession: I love Valentines Day. I know it's a hokey corporate-constructed faux-holiday that is really only in existence so jewelry, flower and perfume markets can capitalize on the time period between New Years and Memorial Weekend.

Now that we got that out of our system...the reason I love Valentines Day is because I think celebrating love in all its forms is kind of fun, and kind of cute to watch when you see guys rush to their nearest jeweler or chocolate shop, and girls try to figure out what to get their boyfriends. And...CHOCOLATE. GOES. ON. SALE.  I guess instead of thinking of it as Singles' Awareness Day, it's always just been a fun day to celebrate friendship, a relationship, or (when I was a teacher!) the love of little children who make us laugh. I've kept so many cards over the years that I've gotten from my little ones in classrooms!

Anyway, outsid...

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