November 30, 2018

"You have to lose the battle to win the war." You guys have heard that phrase, right? It reminds me of something they'd say on Suits (and probably have...) or a drama from the middle ages where strategy weaves into a lifechanging choice.

Through my writing career, I've learned the saying is true. Whether it's delaying the release of a book to polish it until it shines.

Whether it's holding back on writing because I need to focus on my day job.

Whether I balance or topple.

We all make those choices every day--the ones that have no satisfaction and hit your confidence now, because down the road they'll yield dividends.

In late October, I had my (now former) publisher revert the rights to The Rearranged Life.

When you publish a book, you sign over your rights to your writing--the publisher has the rights to put the words in the world. As you can imagine, reverting them takes those rights back and gives them to you again.

What does that mean for The Rearranged Life? For's not o...

October 4, 2018

Ladies (and gents) know exactly what I'm talking about when I say everyone has had a heartbreak legend will be written about. Tell me you didn't think of that one guy/girl who shattered you. The opportunity that passed you by. The road not taken.

The one you thought of even more when you tried to drink it away (and possibly drunk texted. No judgment.)

The one you tearfully told your friends, your parents, your cousins, your hair stylist, the neighbor, the mailman and the sweet retail girl at Express--who was just trying to help you choose a pair of revenge jeans--about.

The one you wrote pages of anger about (and possibly to) so s/he could know exactly what s/he did wrong and could take responsibility (Rachel Green, I FEEL YOU GIRL!).

Jokes aside, it's a garbage place to be. I is hard enough nowadays. Call me a dinosaur if you want, but dating apps have a lot to do with it. It's easy in a world of instant gratification to swipe left or right and decide in a millisecond...

February 6, 2018

As an author, it's difficult to choose a small number of books that have left a lasting mark. After all, we read voraciously and every book leaves a bit of another world within us. But some books stick with you despite the months, years and decades that have passed since you closed the covers with a contented sigh, and a feeling that you'd never quite be the same again. I wanted to share my list with you and I hope you'll get the chance to be introduced to some new books if you haven't already read them, and if you have, I hope maybe you'll go back and read them again for old time's sake.

1. Born Confused, by Tanuja Desai Hidier

Believe it or not, I was 16 years old when I saw the first book with a South Asian protagonist. Give that a brief thought. I went 16 years of my life without a literary character who looked like me, talked like me and narrated a life remotely like mine. Insanity. It was so earth-shattering to read a book about a South Asian that I carried the book with me in my b...

November 7, 2017

"A woman's heart is an ocean of secrets." Thank you, Rose from Titanic, you're 100% correct--and like a woman's heart, her bag is key to how she rules the world during a hectic day. Here are some ideas for those crazed days where you're sprinting around and your bag holds your entire life...

1. The Pinch Provisions Mini-mergency Kit

This is a gamechanger. In a tiny kit the size of your palm fits 17--count them, 17!--essentials from a mending kit, to a teeny hair spray, to earring backs...It is astounding and so necessary to have these things when you're in a bind and this kit has saved my butt on numerous occasions from when my tights ripped (hello, clear nail polish!) to fixing a wardrobe malfunction (double-sided tape, anyone?)

2. A Power Bank (mine is a Dulla!)

Does anyone else find themselves on the run and unable to pause to find a power outlet? All. The. Time. In that case, carrying a phone charger just isn't going to fly. In comes the power bank to save your butt! While weights and...

October 24, 2017

Hi! Oh. My. Goodness. Friends, I am in 

desperate need of a massage and a cell-phone free day in a tropical place! On days where your brain is seeping out of your ears, I find a few different things help me survive. The best part? None of them involving you revamping your entire routine tomorrow. They're all things you can ease into.

1) Invest in a manual, old fashioned alarm clock. I know. It's revolutionary. BUT hear me out! It let me put my phone on my desk at night, away from me. And y'all, this little purchase has changed the game. While I am no longer waking up to high tech alarm sounds, I pop out of bed, get my day started with my morning routine and coffee, before I ever make it to my phone. Allowing that half hour to myself lets me ease into the day, gather my thoughts about what needs to be done, and put my game-face on before I ever hit the flurry of text messages or emails that have collected overnight.

2) Wake up early. Oh, you night owls and lovers of sleeping in are probabl...

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