April 5, 2019

A couple months ago, it had been a particularly crappy day, and my favorite fella, R, came by to check on me. Sitting on my couch with our legs side by side, he watched as I tried to tame my wildly curly hair, fresh out of the shower that was supposed to calm me but didn't, and listened as I fumbled through tears about why I was having such a hard time.

"What's your love language?" he asked, out of the blue.

"My what now?" 

"Your love language."

I'd heard about the five love languages from that book (of course) on the charts recently, written by Gary Chapman. But I hadn't considered mine too much.

Love languages are the idea that every person gives and takes love in five groups of ways (languages). By learning your spouse/significant other's, your friends' or even your child's love language, you're able to express yourself in a way they understand so there are less misunderstandings and better transformations ahead for your relationship. You can also recognize which love languages you appre...

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