October 8, 2017

Hellloooooo! A virtual hug to you, friend! Some of you have followed me through the last four years as an author. Others are newly joining our journey together as I move to lifestyle blogging and sharing what has driven me: sheer inspiration and the hope that I can spread it like wildfire to anyone who needs a pick-me-up.

So...hi! I'm Annika Sharma. You'll learn a lot about me from this blog--probably more than you'd like to. I live in New York City with my brother a.k.a. my favorite person in the whole world. The most eloquent response I give when people ask me what I do is, "Uhhh..." but for your sake, let's translate.

I'm a proud, bleed-blue-and-white, family legacy, you-bet-your-butt-I-watch-football Penn State girl. I graduated with two health science degrees. I was working at a preschool (a stop on the way to what I thought would be a women's health/pediatric career!) when I got recruited into a M.Ed program instead. I also wrote a book while I was in graduate school abou...

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