May 31, 2018

Nearly 2 million YouTube views on her TEDx talk. A burgeoning health career. Gorgeous both inside and out...Thinking about her is already bringing a smile to my face.

I'm introducing Mamata Venkat today--her TEDx Talk on Heartfulness Meditation and what it's done for her has accumulated nearly 2 million views on YouTube, and she is a proponent of meditation as a way to release stress and chill the heck out. At 25, Mamata has made her voice heard and it is extraordinary to hear a young woman with wisdom that sounds like it's come from someone much older...then again, she'd probably be the first one to tell you that at heart, she's a loving, sweet grandmotherly doll of a human.

I'm so honored to feature her on the blog today. If you're interested in Mamata or Heartfulness Meditation, you can follow her at @hakuna.mamata or watch her TEDx video. She'll also be at the release of the book, The Heartfulness Way, a Q&A with the co-author of the book and complete with musical performances by som...

April 26, 2018

Like any field, as you delve into becoming a professional, you meet people along the way who change your perception of what you're doing and how you're doing it.

Nisha Sharma is one of those people for me.

An author, a lawyer, an advocate, all while juggling a movie deal for her first novel My So-Called Bollywood Life (out May 15th!), an upcoming wedding, and of course, her love of Bollywood and dancing...If you want a role model or someone to take some serious planner tips from, Nisha is your girl.

I'm so lucky to speak with her today...and I'd recommend you follow her on Twitter (she's hilarious!) @nishawrites and on Instagram at @nishasharmawrites. Her website can be found at (it's SO CUTE!).

Give us the deets...who are you? What do you stand for? To quote John Green...tell us "your story. Your hobbies, your passions, your weird fetishes." 

First, thank you so much for having me! You’re one of my favorite book people, so I’m so glad we could do this interview.

My stor...

April 19, 2018

There are incredible women out there, including you, dreamchaser, who are hustling hard toward their dreams and busting their bottoms to change the world. As I thought more about how to support these women and network with other go-getters out there, I realized that there are stories behind these women that propel them toward their ambitions...and how better to get to know those stories than to ask?

Now, I have the privilege of introducing Karusha Pather, a body-positivity advocate and absolutely GORGEOUS model in South Africa. Not only does this girl go to school and kick ass there, she is also the head of a campaign to integrate more South Asian women into their respective industries . Representation matters, and Karusha is the perfect example of what brains, beauty and boldness look like!

Follow her on Instagram: @Karushapather

And her blog:

And support Crown the Brown: @crownthebrown on Instagram

Guys, seriously...this girl. Superwoman. I was so impresse...

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