April 11, 2019

Note: not a single one of these pictures is filtered. 

Jon Stewart once described Penn State--and by extension, my hometown of State College where Penn State is located--with, "You’re driving along with nothing, and then it’s like cow…cow…cow…20,000 hot chicks — that’s Penn State.” Minus the hot chicks, "tons of cows and farmland" is an apt description for where I come from. 

I've only told one person this until now but the thing I miss most about being from the middle of nowhere is seeing the stars at night...city lights pollute the sky and you lose the magnificence of nature.

But this trip to Florida and our morning kayaking reminded me exactly how wonderful it is to be off the grid and to forget the bustle. 

To celebrate my brother's birthday, we (he, his girlfriend, her sister and I) took a three day trip to Orlando. Our original plan was Cancun but our family has a condo in Florida. It's easiest for us to get there quickly. Of course, we wanted to go to Universal Studios because...

March 25, 2019

I love when rock and classical come together. My playlist is filled with the Piano Guys, 2Cellos, the Vitamin String Quartet, and bands that use classical instruments like Yellowcard, The Script, Wakey! Wakey! and more. I played the violin for 10 years and one of my biggest regrets is not learning how to play the piano when I was younger.

Once again...I love classical music.

This past weekend, I took a lightning quick trip to Philadelphia to see my friends Trusha and Kamna. Trusha and her husband Thomas invited me to see Ben Folds with the Philadelphia Orchestra on Friday night and I said yes--but I'll admit I had no idea what I was in for. I haven't listened to Ben Folds-he's had a long and storied career in the alternative music sphere, but he wasn't on rotation for me. 

Because he was playing with the Philadelphia Orchestra, however, I was definitely in. Any city that has its own orchestra has cherry picked a legion of talent from the masses, and I knew that at the very least, I'd be e...

February 13, 2019

Note from 2019: This is a re-used post from last year but I loved writing it so much then that I decided to bring it back. :)

Confession: I love Valentines Day. I know it's a hokey corporate-constructed faux-holiday that is really only in existence so jewelry, flower and perfume markets can capitalize on the time period between New Years and Memorial Weekend.

Now that we got that out of our system...the reason I love Valentines Day is because I think celebrating love in all its forms is kind of fun, and kind of cute to watch when you see guys rush to their nearest jeweler or chocolate shop, and girls try to figure out what to get their boyfriends. And...CHOCOLATE. GOES. ON. SALE.  I guess instead of thinking of it as Singles' Awareness Day, it's always just been a fun day to celebrate friendship, a relationship, or (when I was a teacher!) the love of little children who make us laugh. I've kept so many cards over the years that I've gotten from my little ones in classrooms!

Anyway, outsid...

October 31, 2017

This post is for all of you who have a cubicle, classroom, foyer or space that you LOVE to decorate for Halloween! As many of you know, in my former life, I was a preschool teacher. I was also a three-time champion of Best Classroom (clearly, the best award I've ever earned) in schoolwide competitions between classrooms. Here are some fun tips to decorate your space and make it scream with fun!

1. Choose a theme that relates to the people coming by. Do you work with people who grew up in the 90's? Salute Your Shorts, Doug, Rugrats, Saved By The Bell...all of those ring a bell? Do you work with preschoolers? What are the kids obsessed with? Mine were all about Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so when my assistant teacher suggested it, we got on board. Choose a theme for them, not you.

2. Focus on the WOW factor, not the tiny details. Remember, parents walking by a classroom or supervisors judging, or simply trick or treaters won't have the chance to check out the small hand-painted figurines you pa...

October 13, 2017

Thanks to Taylor Swift's posse, #squadgoals have become a thing. And rightfully so! Women should stick together. After all, we go through our highs and lows, relationships, breakups, marriages, childbirths (if we choose to have them, because let's be real...it's not for everyone!), career peaks, transformations...Ladies. We do it all. Relentlessly. Powerfully. Not always gracefully, but always together.

One of the things I love most about the lionesses in my pride are how well we know each other. I know Liz loves penguins more than any other animal. Melissa loves Harry Potter probably more than JK Rowling. Sarah can remember a name and a face if she's seen them once for approximately .34 seconds. But...your circle of girls--whether they are family members or friends who have become family--are your bonds that transcend distance, time and the petty arguments. They are more than the women you go to spa days with and whose homes you seek refuge in during difficulties.

It's worth getting to...

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