April 11, 2019

Note: not a single one of these pictures is filtered. 

Jon Stewart once described Penn State--and by extension, my hometown of State College where Penn State is located--with, "You’re driving along with nothing, and then it’s like cow…cow…cow…20,000 hot chicks — that’s Penn State.” Minus the hot chicks, "tons of cows and farmland" is an apt description for where I come from. 

I've only told one person this until now but the thing I miss most about being from the middle of nowhere is seeing the stars at night...city lights pollute the sky and you lose the magnificence of nature.

But this trip to Florida and our morning kayaking reminded me exactly how wonderful it is to be off the grid and to forget the bustle. 

To celebrate my brother's birthday, we (he, his girlfriend, her sister and I) took a three day trip to Orlando. Our original plan was Cancun but our family has a condo in Florida. It's easiest for us to get there quickly. Of course, we wanted to go to Universal Studios because...

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