January 3, 2018

**Special thanks to Amanda and Rachel, a former co-worker and my former director at a center, for allowing me to post pictures from when I taught their beautiful girls.**

A few years ago, I got into it with someone--mistakenly, I assumed we were kidding around as I laughingly made up stupid insults, whereas he was seriously lobbing verbal grenades my way. One cutting remark he made sticks with me. "You teach preschool kids because you can't handle being a real teacher."

Re-reading those words now still makes me want to throw a chair at his head...and I'm someone who feels bad killing spiders! As a now-former preschool teacher, I, nor the millions of other early childhood teachers out there, chose that profession because we couldn't handle anything else. Let's be clear: very few can handle it. Sixteen children in a classroom bawling all at once because a fire alarm terrified them out of nap? Corralling fifteen children under the age of 18 months to participate in activities designed...

October 31, 2017

This post is for all of you who have a cubicle, classroom, foyer or space that you LOVE to decorate for Halloween! As many of you know, in my former life, I was a preschool teacher. I was also a three-time champion of Best Classroom (clearly, the best award I've ever earned) in schoolwide competitions between classrooms. Here are some fun tips to decorate your space and make it scream with fun!

1. Choose a theme that relates to the people coming by. Do you work with people who grew up in the 90's? Salute Your Shorts, Doug, Rugrats, Saved By The Bell...all of those ring a bell? Do you work with preschoolers? What are the kids obsessed with? Mine were all about Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so when my assistant teacher suggested it, we got on board. Choose a theme for them, not you.

2. Focus on the WOW factor, not the tiny details. Remember, parents walking by a classroom or supervisors judging, or simply trick or treaters won't have the chance to check out the small hand-painted figurines you pa...

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