February 21, 2019

My cousin (and one of my best friends!), S, is getting married next week...and in honor of that, I decided to recap the weekend we spent at her bachelorette in Scottsdale, Arizona. We had a choice between Napa, Sedona, and a couple other places but Scottsdale took the vote on an email thread of over twenty people.

Set on the outskirts of Phoenix, I wasn't completely sure what to expect...Phoenix has just never been on my list of places to visit for some reason, but now I wonder why that was.

I thought flying out would take much longer than it did--namely because it was during the government shutdown and I had heard JFK and LaGuardia were experiencing significant delays. But the flight out was perfect, and we landed at 11 PM without any issue.

And the landscape? Even from the sky I could tell how flat it was. This Pennsylvania/New York girl isn't used to that. My Uber driver told me that in the summers, the temperatures can reach 135F...not only an unhealthy prospect, but an awful one. 


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